Giving Back

Poppy & Payson is a woman-owned business that cares about giving back and ensuring ethical practices when sourcing our materials.

Not a Scrap Wasted

At Poppy & Payson we believe in not wasting a scrap, not from our dinner table or from our cutting room floor. So even when the occasional collar gem stone is placed too close to another, these still usable and durable products are donated to local shelters to ensure nothing goes to waste. One of her most supported shelters is OC Animal Care which provides temporary shelter and medical care for lost or stray animals. They offer opportunities for adoption and provide medical care to impounded dogs, cats and birds.

Andalyn believes in supporting organizations like OC Animal Care to continue their important work and ensure we’re reducing any leftovers, unless it’s dinner time.

Ethical Values

When you purchase a Poppy & Payson pet accessory, our goal is to provide a durable, high quality product that’s ethically and sustainably sourced.

After researching several leather suppliers, Andalyn found French tanneries who work closely with stock breeders, veterinarians and farm technicians on the implementation of actions surrounding animal welfare as well as waste reduction and recycling efforts. 

We believe in providing  our customers a  high-quality product your dog can use on countless walks while also keeping our commitment to working with suppliers who believe in providing material in an ethical manner.