About Poppy & Payson

As a woman-owned business, Andalyn, creator of Poppy & Payson, believes in offering the highest quality, durable and stylish fashion for pets.

In 2020, like so many of us, Andalyn experienced a sudden career change. Spending more time at home, she found herself pursuing a new challenge, something where she could find the perfect blend of her creativity, talents, and passion. 

As an experienced high-end fashion industry expert, Andalyn knew she wanted to work with her hands and create something stylish and long-lasting.  After extensive research, education, and hands-on experience, she began her journey into leather working. 

Poppy & Payson was created to offer handcrafted collars and accessories to pet lovers. Their products provide a luxurious and customizable experience because every dog deserves to be fashionable.

A Diamond

in the Ruff

When searching for accessories to provide her own fur-babies, Andalyn found that many options in the market were bland, neutral colors, and not durable enough for her own four-legged pack.

She realized there was a need for high-quality, colorful, and fashionable dog accessories that would withstand countless uses for pets.

Durability Meets

Fur Fashion

Andalyn knows high-end, durable products. She’s worked with countless fabrics during her time in high-end fashion and can feel the difference.

The products she found lacked the quality she had experienced during her time in the fashion industry and felt that a high-caliber fabric was needed to achieve a durable and luxurious accessory line.

In fact, she sourced nearly 100 leather suppliers to find the right one offering high-quality, craftsmanship that’s ethically sourced at a standard she uses on her own pets.



With a goal to provide not only her own pets but others with the best quality collars, leashes, and accessories, Poppy & Payson was created.

Using her years of fashion experience coupled with her leather-craft expertise to develop a new line of products with her pets as inspiration.

In addition to the highly durable and luxurious designs, Poppy & Payson products stand out for their vibrant colors. Living on the west coast, Andalyn has always been drawn to rich colors so much of her collection takes inspiration from the company’s Southern California home and the wildflowers that grow along the hillsides. The leather colors mirror the favorite parts of Andalyn’s home, including one of her favorites, the rich, coppery poppy.

The Doggy


Everything Poppy & Payson sells is fitted and used on Andalyn’s own pups before finalizing patterns to ensure the quality, fit, and functionality of each piece. She believes in providing customers with the same quality products she uses on her own loved pets.

With a belief in providing the quality of work she would expect in a product she’s purchased, Andalyn uses Poppy & Payson accessories on her own pack. Every cut, stitch, and stud is made to her own high standards. Being incredibly detail-oriented customers are guaranteed each piece is perfect – down to the rivet.

Every Dog Deserves

to be Fashionable

As a woman-owned business, Poppy & Payson accessories have grown from a small product with family and friends to shipping to customers and their pets across the country.

This durable, stylish, and customizable brand has a strong following in Southern California with many repeat customers where Andalyn’s business began. Beyond the products themselves, that’s the beauty with Poppy & Payson, the collection is so durable, you won’t need to buy a second product, but with new styles, colors, and customizable options, we guarantee you will.

Poppy & Payson was created to offer handcrafted collars and accessories to pet lovers. Their products provide a luxurious and customizable experience because every dog deserves to be fashionable.


Andalyn’s Inspirations

When Andalyn started a handcrafted dog accessory line she wanted to honor her fur babies and inspirations, Poppy and Payson. As basenjis, an affectionate, energetic and inquisitive breed that are known for being very active, having a durable collar and leash is of utmost importance for functionality and ease when it comes to her pack.

Andalyn has since grown her fur baby family just as the Poppy & Payson collection has grown and now includes collars, leashes, harnesses, dog bag pouches, bow ties, flowerettes and custom handmade accessories.

Meet Poppy

Meet Poppy

The name Poppy grew from the famous California poppy, rich in bright coppery colors which grow wild along the SoCal hillsides. Poppy is as wild and bright in colors as the wildflower itself.

Meet Payson

Meet Payson

Payson was the name of the street housing the first home Andalyn and her husband ever fell in love with. Since there’s never such a feeling as falling in love with your first home, they named their first basenji Payson, as there will never be another like him.