Handcrafted Fashionable Dog Accessories

Poppy & Payson believes every dog deserves to be fashionable. Offering signature pieces and custom handcrafted designs, your pet deserves the best in high-quality, durable collars and accessories. 

High Quality

Meets Luxury

Poppy & Payson offers stylish, luxury dog fashion in purchase-ready accessories or completely customizable products where you choose your own size, vibrant color and collection style.

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When you purchase a Poppy & Payson pet accessory, our goal is to provide a product your dog can use “fur” a very long time. When it comes to durability, we believe in offering the highest quality leather while maintaining vibrant colors and detailed craftsmanship you’d expect from a luxury pet line.

  • High-quality meets luxury
  • California inspired colors
  • Ethically sourced leather
  • Fashion industry expertise
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About Poppy & Payson

As a woman-owned business, Andalyn believes in offering the highest quality, durable and stylish fashion for pets. With handcrafted collars and accessories, Poppy & Payson products provide a luxurious and customizable experience because every dog deserves to be fashionable.